You've Got 5-15 Seconds...That's It!


There are two truths about resumes that most people don’t know.
First: A resume is really used to scan people out of the hiring process as opposed to scanning them in. Sorry to tell you this, but it is true.
Second: A resume is usually scanned for 5-15 seconds (max) to determine whether it is worth reading more thoroughly.

If you are willing to accept these two statements,
then aren’t you curious to know what hiring managers and recruiters 
look at during those first 5-15 seconds
to decide whether your resume stays
in the game or is tossed aside?

What Is Reviewed in the First 5-15 Second Scan of Your Resume?
 You guessed it!!! The Summary Section!
 So it better be stellar.

  • Your summary section must reflect your Claim to Fame! It needs to demonstrate what you have accomplished in the past that is RELEVANT to the position you are interested in now. If they can see you have done it before, they can fairly safely assume you can do it again!
  • To capture the hiring manager’s attention, your summary section must address what the company and hiring manager are looking for--not what you want or are looking for.
  • Your summary section needs to demonstrate the problems you can solve for them and how you can reduce their pain. This is the place to show what you are most proud of, or, as many people are saying, ‘your brand?’
  • Lastly the accomplishments you include in your resume summary section need to be RELEVANT to the position you are interested in. So often I see resumes with great Accomplishment Statements, but they are NOT RELEVANT. If what you are highlighting in your resume isn’t relevant to the company or hiring manager, your resume will be scanned OUT!

If Your Resume Is Scanned IN…

If you pass the test of the first 5 – 15 seconds with your summary section, your next goal is to keep their attention! To do this, you must develop a competitive resume that is clear, concise, relevant, and compelling.

Watch tomorrow’s email for some pointers on how 
you can strengthen your resume to make it 
Clear, Concise, and Compelling!