First Step of a Successful Job Search

You Are Gearing Up for Your Job Search

You want to make a career or industry change to make a contribution, but right now:

  • You need to change jobs quickly (because you are in a toxic situation or your position is going away)
  • Or you need to find a job (because you aren't working or you don't like your current position)

Your immediate goal is to find an income-producing position
using the expertise you possess.


The Essential Key to a Successful Job Search: Identifying Your Target Position

Our Quick Focus Program guides you to explore your work history, skills, and interests to discover the best way to present yourself during your search.

As a result of completing this program, you'll:

  • Be clearer about your direction
  • Feel a spark of excitement about your future
  • Have a clearer sense of the actions you need to take to have successful job search.

Here's How The Quick Focus Program Works  

During this program you'll have access to a series of eight activities on our online coaching platform that guide you through a process to gain new insights about:

  • What You Bring to a Position - Your skills, interests, recent work history, and what you are known for
  • Your Personal Situation - Your personal picture of success and the job characteristics that will allow you to live the life you want
  • Potential Positions - Brainstorm possible positions that align with your strengths and experience. 

After sending in your responses to the eight activities, you'll have a 90-minute phone consultation with Rebecca to identify the position that leverages your skills and builds on your existing work history.

With this new clarity, you'll be in a solid position to launch a focused, proactive job search that is effective and productive.

Extra Benefits Having Clarity 

You can expect a renewed focus, a new set of actions to pursue, and a new perspective on yourself and your job search. You no long spend all your time wondering how to direct your job search'll know!
The job search focus you come up with will draw on your favorite skills and your background, which puts you on your fastest path to employment.

Your job search will easier and more successful as a result!