What's Your Next Step? Let's Talk...

What Is Your Best Path Forward?

You know you are committed to using your professional expertise to make a contribution---
But what you don't know is how to pull all the threads together
to create a cohesive plan
 that will move you beyond your confusion and into action.

  • You may not know how to focus your quest
  • You may not know how your skills will be of value within industries that interest you.
  • You may not know how to find job opportunities that match your income and life style needs.
  • You may not know what steps to take to achieve your career goals.

At Kieler Career Consulting, our goal is to help you become
a savvy job seeker who is confident, nimble, and successful
throughout every stage of your career journey.

How You Proceed from Here Will Depend on Your Current Situation and Your Immediate Goal

You may be....

...Looking to 
Change Your Career?

You want to change careers by transitioning to a new industry, field, function, or profession (because you want more meaning, more fulfillment, more impact in your work).

You are ready to discover a new career that allows you to contribute your expertise to the issues you are passionate about

Your desire is to find a way to combine your expertise, passions, interests, and new skills to contribute

...Looking for a 
New Position?

You need to change jobs quickly (because you are in a toxic situation or your position is going away) 

Or you need to find a job (because you aren't currently working or you don't like your current position)

Your immediate goal is to find an income-producing position using the expertise you possess.

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In a personal complimentary strategy consultation, we can help you figure out your next step--the step that matches your goals, timeline, and situation.

With a plan for your next step, you'll have a clearer sense of where to put your time, attention, and energy to get the best results.

To get started with your personal
Complimentary Strategy Consultation, email: rebecca@kielercareerconsulting.com
With "Strategy Consultation" in the subject line. 

You'll receive an email with a link to our online calendar.

Then you'll set up your strategy consultation appointment at a time that works best for you.

We look forward to talking with you soon!