We’ve shown 1000′s of people how to
transition to new careers that match their
values, passions, and lifestyle.  

I have attended many courses in the past couple of years (many at UC Berkeley) and I can say that you were one of the most effective instructors I’ve met. You made me think about many things regarding my career and life in general. More importantly, I think I am better prepared to go out there, advertise myself and find an employer that I’ll be happy to work for and vice versa
— Katjusa Brejc
You, Rebecca are part of what I consider the small cadre of professional career counselors in the Bay Area that offer high “bang for the bucks.” I wish I could have taken the $2K that my company spent last year with one of the national agencies and spent it with you. My job search would have been more successful at a much sooner date.
— David McFeely
Your courage and perseverance in following your passions is a lightening rod for all of us.
— Dianne Otterby
...she has been a “natural” at encouraging, guiding and having a keen eye for discovering the gold in me.
— Cristina Gomez, Founder/Managing Partner, Advantage Personnel,Inc
Just wanted to drop a note to say the 3 year goal plan we did is still very helpful. I was just tweaking my business plan for the new year and I went back to your format and that has helped remarkably to keep me focused
— Judith Welsh, JudithWelsh.com
Thanks again for all your support, wisdom, and friendship. Where would I be without you today? You are my guiding angle.
— Kathy Maloney
Thanks for being the person you are! You make people feel they can make their dreams come true and I think that’s exactly what life is all about!
— Atefeh Soleimani
She makes a person feel at ease almost instantly…
— Patsy Bauer, Formerly of Mercury Interactive
I owe you so much credit for your belief in me, and for your constant support and friendship. When I think back to when we first met, I felt that meeting you was like coming out of a dark cloud. You are a gift in my life, and I have never thanked you enough
— Mary Lynn Ashburn
Rebecca gave me the hope, confidence, and guidance I needed when I was facing challenges in my professional development and, consequently, my personal life. Through our phone conversations, she listened to and respected my individual objectives and values, and was able to help me put a plan into action based on what I wanted.
Using her tips and tricks to get the interview and then get the job, I became faced with 3 job offers, when not too long ago, I thought I might not get one. Rebecca sincerely cared about my career advancement and I felt she was personally vested in my ultimate success from the beginning. I have used her services on two separate occassions and I wouldn’t hesitate to use her a third time should I find myself at another crossroads, unsure of which way to turn.
— Netanya Stutz
Working with you on the Career Clarity Program was an amazing experience. I found myself looking at career decisions in a fresh and new way; I became clear, for the first time ever, on what my next career must have and what I must avoid. You provided a true self discovery process which helped me to arm myself with some “clear” (thus the name Career Clarity I guess!) insights and directions to pursue both my lifestyle and my career. Thank you
— Jan Prisco, Career Clarity
I couldn’t have done it without your coaching! You were worth every cent (I took out of my diminishing savings)! Rebecca Kieler is excellent! I used Rebecca to make the transition from tech to health sciences. She is great at determining transferable skills. And, when it came down to interviewing and salary negotiation, Rebecca was extremely helpful. I doubt I would have aced the interview without her coaching.
— Adrienne
The coaching that Rebecca gave forced me to look at several aspects of myself and to deal with them. Her incessant questionings were a bit painful at the time, but in retrospect, completely necessary in order to break the boundaries and limitations that I had set upon myself.

Once we were able to break through the boundaries, it became very clear what my true aspirations were and we were then able to focus on how I was going to get there.

I am happy to say that I was very successful in meeting my goals thus far. Thanks to Rebecca I am well on my way. I am working like crazy, but because I absolutely love what I do, it feels like a breeze.

Rebecca is kind but firm, extremely clever and wise enough to see through the jargon we often spill to distance ourselves from our own realities and desires in order to play it safe and avoid conquering our fears.
— LaShion Banks
What an awesome experience! Thanks so much for creating the amazing workshop. I got so much out of it and I left in such a great mood.
— Annabelle Breakey
I really enjoyed our first session and I walked away with a great feeling and a lot of information… Her follow-up is outstanding! Most of all, Rebecca offers clients not just the know-how to better their career, but also improve their personal life along the way. I thank her for her help.
— Cindy Breidenthal
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate our conversation and how much it helped me. You truly are an angel. I feel lighter and ready to get honest and authentic. It is amazing when you speak to the universe, how the universe shows up.
— Kisha Nomvuyo Montgomery, Creative Soul
I enjoyed your presentation and realized that I need to treat my job search as a project and get it more organized and focused. As a result of that evening I’m having some very positive conversations with myself about my job search. Thank you again.
— Marilyn Stupi
She listens to your needs and applies her expertise in a comfortable and non-threatening manner. In the three-and-a-half months that she has worked with me, I have learned a lot about myself. She is very positive and encouraging, leading me to understand myself better. At the end of our sessions, I’m left on a positively, wonderful high!
— Jessie Gorden