Ready to Ramp up Your Job Search Results?

You've already watched the Webinar, 5 Gaps Sabotaging Your Current Job Search, so you are aware of some of the differences between a:

  • A Reactive Job Search, where you are reacting to the leads you find, and
  • A Proactive Job Search, where you are focused, knowledgeable, and prepared to respond to opportunities in a way that allows you to stand out from the competition.

We are glad you are interested in learning more about the Job Search Bootcamp. That's precisely why we created this page for you. If you have any questions as you review this page, please use the Contact link in the top navigation bar. We are happy to provide clarification to help you make the best decision for you and your job search.

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Embarking on a More Proactive Job Search Has Numerous Benefits

As we discussed in the Webinar, the benefits you'll gain from learning how to be more proactive in your search are many. They'll begin as you attend the first series of workshops...and you'll continue to reap the rewards as you land your next job and use the same skills to evolve your career throughout your life.

mid-term benefits

We've Been on a Quest!

As we mentioned in the Webinar, we've spent quite a bit of time over the last couple of years, thinking through the best way to help our clients make the transition to a new position through a more Proactive Job Search. We knew we needed to create a thorough, practical, action-oriented solution that would be both affordable and effective.

We are excited to introduce our Job Search Bootcamp so that you can evaluate whether this program will give you the know-how and ongoing support you need to take your job search to a new level of success.


Let's Dig Into the Details

You now know more about the 5 Gaps that can wreak havoc with your job search.

You know it's time to break out of the job search habits you've been using and learn new strategies that enhance your confidence, connections, and results.

The keys to stepping into a more Proactive Job Search are two-fold.

1) New ideas, new perspectives, new truths.

2) Putting Your New Knowledge into Action...using what you've learned to prepare yourself for your search. This is an essential part of any job search that is often skipped over in the hope of getting a job as quickly as possible. Unfortunately that approach often creates the gaps we talked about in the Webinar.


The six workshop we'll provide give you the knowledge, practice, and structure to create the clarity, visions, and connections to (re) activate your Proactive Job Search as soon as possible!

1) Identify Your Target Position - Pinpointing the position that you want to target is the most effective way to close the #1 Gap we see with clients. When you identify the position that allows you to leverage your existing experience, then your decisions about what to do, who to talk to, and how to focus your time become much more strategic. You feel more confident, directed, and motivated to take action to reach your goal.

2) Conducting Basic Research - The world is full of amazing opportunities and possibilities. It's impossible to know what's going on in your industry and your field unless you do some real research. By taking the time to understand how your industry works and what professionals in your field are facing, you'll have a much better sense of where your skills fit in and how you can be of most value. When you see your value to your industry, you'll have a much easier time communicating your value with potential employers--and in the process you'll stand out from other job seekers because most of your competition doesn't do this research.

3) Crafting Your Career Story - Take the opportunity to take a step back from your quest for a new job to understand and develop the best way to talk about who you are, where you've been, and where you are going. When you can connect the dots between your past and your future, then you shine in your conversations, interviews, and negotiations.


4) Activate Your Circle - Everyone knows it's important to expand your network during your search...but often the most effective way to jump start conversations with your contacts is to reach out to those who have cared about you personally and professionally in the past and present. When you activate your circle of connections in a mindful, strategic way, you'll be amazed at the connections they have, the opportunities they know about, and the targeted referrals they send you!

5) Building Your Target List of Companies - Most people focus intently on finding job openings. If a company doesn't have an opening, job seekers often close that door and keep searching for an opening. What they don't realize is that the company they would love to work with could have a relevant job opening at any time! We'll show you how to build a list of target companies so that you can build relationships within those companies and hear about possible positions before they are publicized.

6) Create Your Proactive Plan - In this final workshop you'll pull together your personalized plan to guide your search activities. You'll discover where to put your time and energy...right build momentum, get traction, and leverage your time. As your search evolves you'll update your plan to address the phase you are in.

After each workshop you'll have carefully crafted assignments to guide you as you put what you've learned to work in your own search. You'll be putting the pieces of puzzle that you need in place BEFORE you begin your active job search. This won't all be "paperwork." You'll also begin taking action to put the foundation building blocks in place as well. Having these pieces in place will increase your clarity, your confidence, and your ability to respond effectively to opportunities.

After Completing the Workshops...

After you have your foundation in place, you'll be ready to begin Making it Happen!  To support you in taking action to create results and build momentum, we've created two ways you'll receive guidance, support, and accountability.

1) "Make It Happen" Group Calls

Each week--from the week after you complete the workshops until you get hired--you'll participate in a weekly group call where the goal is to keep you in ACTION!

Make IT happen Group

A) Advanced Search Skills and Strategies.   During each week's call, you'll learn something new that you'll be able to put to use in your search activities that week---or the next week. These segments will cover a variety of topics--see the image to the right for a list of categories. We'll also have an online community where you'll be able to access additional "how-to" information on these skills and strategies. These advanced skills will make you stand out from your competition, help you take the steps throughout your search to negotiate the best possible offer, and allow you to feel comfortable with what's unfolding throughout your search.

B) Accountability. Putting new skills and knowledge to work can be a bit daunting at times. In those moments there's a tendency to want to back off, and slide back into familiar habits that don't take so much energy! Unfortunately, that's not the best way to integrate the new behaviors that are going to make the difference in your job search results. So, an important part of the weekly group call is checking in to let everyone know what you are doing and how well it's working. This segment will help you stay on track, find new sources of motivation, combat procrastination and be more accountable to yourself.

3) Troubleshooting. In any given week you might run into situations you aren't quite sure how to address or resolve. Through group coaching, discussions, and brainstorming, you'll walk away with new insights about how to approach those situations and move them forward. Think about how many times you have gotten stuck in previous job searches--not sure what to do, who to talk to next, or what to say. With weekly support, you can bring these topics to the discussion and gain insights, new perspective, and specific recommendations that keep you moving forward!


2) Private Facebook Group

In addition to the Weekly Call, you'll also be able to tap into the larger group's energy throughout the week. There are several benefits to being an active participant in the Facebook Group.


A) Access the Larger Community - In this more casual way of connecting, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions, test ideas, and find people who share your interests. Being a part of the community gives you a place to touch base with others who are sharing the job search experience...a wonderful reminder that you are not alone.

We'll also be posting questions to engage you in:

B) Mid-Week Accountability - Having a way to check in frequently about your status will help you stay accountable, motivated, and moving forward even when there's a hint of procrastination in the air.

C) Celebrations - The Facebook Group is a wonderful place to share good news about reaching your current milestones--whether it's getting an introduction to a key contact, getting called for your first interview, receiving an offer, or starting your new job! Sharing and celebrating successes in this private group helps us all stay positive and find the motivation and inspiration to keep taking the steps we need to take.


Innovative Pricing to Make This Opportunity Accessible and Supportive

As you read this section, remember that investing in this program is an investment in yourself and your career--over your lifetime. Although it's easy, and perhaps even familiar, to say "I can't spend money on anything right now," we invite you to keep an open mind.

If the program appeals to you and you feel you would benefit from the program, hold the question, "How CAN I do this?" You don't even have to have a complete vision of how you'll do it as you read this page, just be open to the possibility that there is a way.

Over the years we've both had clients find amazing ways to pay for programs they felt moved to participate in. In this moment, just keep the door open to possibilities you don't know about right now.

As you may recall, there are two parts to our pricing:

  • One payment for the Six Workshops to prepare you to (re)activate your search.
  • One payment for the Make It Happen Group Calls

These two slides describe the way the pricing works for each part of the program and there's further description below.


1) You begin your Bootcamp experience by participating in a series of six 2-hour workshops over three weeks. As noted above, these workshops give you a boost of knowledge and practical actions that prepare you to (re) activate your proactive search as soon as possible.

  • You pay for these workshops over a four-month period in 4 monthly payments of $200
  • OR if you like, you can opt for a $100 discount and sign up for one payment of $700.

2) Next you participate in weekly "Make It Happen" Group Calls -- throughout your job search -- to have the help you need while you implement the new strategies you've learned in the workshop and learn advanced proactive search skills. You do not pay for these sessions while you are searching for your pay for these after you've been hired!

At that time you'll contribute an "I'm Hired!" Bonus, which is 1% of your annual salary.

  • 50% of your bonus will go toward paying for your "Make It Happen" Group Calls.
  • 50% of your bonus will go into our Pay It Forward Scholarship Fund to help people who come through the program after you. Think of it as giving a gift to someone who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to participate in the program that just contributed to your success!

(We know this "I'm Hired!" Bonus is unusual! If you have questions about how this would work in your situation, request a Discovery Session so we can talk about it one-on-one.)

QUESTION: Can I opt to just do the six workshops or just do the "Make It Happen" Group Calls?

The Job Search Bootcamp consists of both the six workshops and the "Make It Happen" Groups calls.  In our work with clients, we find that both components of the program are essential. The workshops give you new, deeper knowledge about elements of proactive search and provide you with a structure to prepare yourself to activate (or reactivate) your proactive job search. The weekly group calls give you the support to implement these new skills and concepts throughout your search.

Remember to explore creative ways you CAN make the entire program work for you. We know it's often easier to assume it's not possible, but we've both had clients have changes in their circumstances when they started exploring the possibilities.

QUESTION: You talked about a "Tell A Friend" Referral Program on the Webinar, how does that work?

If you share the Job Search Bootcamp with friends who are in the process of searching for a job and they sign up using your special link, then you receive one of the following referral fees.

  • If your friend purchases the 4 payments of $200 option, you'll receive $50 per month (a total of $200).
  • If your friend purchases the one payment of $700 option, you'll receive $100.

Click here for more information about this referral program.


QUESTION: In the Webinar you mentioned a Bonus. Can you explain the bonus in more detail?

Sure...Included in the price of the workshop is our Target Focus Program - a series of six assignments to help you clarify the best position to target during your search. Each assignment takes between 45-60 minutes.

As soon as you register for the Job Search Bootcamp, you'll be able to start working through the Target Focus Program. Keep in mind that you'll be referring to your responses to these assignments during Workshop #1.

In addition, you'll receive a 30 minute consultation as part of this bonus after Workshop #1. During this call we'll be working with you to help you clarify the position you want to target during your job search. Remember the #1 Gap we see in job searches that aren't productive is a lack of focus. We help you close this gap in our first week of the Job Search Bootcamp!

Usually the Target Focus Program is $197...and you receive it for free as a bonus for registering for the Job Search Bootcamp.


Here's the Job Search Bootcamp Schedule.


 As the group forms we'll solidify the time for the workshops. We anticipate that the calls will begin at:

3 pm/4 pm/5 pm Pacific /
6 pm/7pm/8pm Eastern.

Question: Will the six workshops and weekly calls be webinars like the 5 Gaps Webinar?

No. Because there will be 12 of us (ten participants, Rebecca and Carol) participating in the workshops and weekly calls, we'll be able to hold these workshop using our teleconference system. Assuming everyone calls in from a quiet place on a line with good quality we should be able to keep the lines open so everyone can share and participate in the conversation. This system ( has a Flash Phone system that allows you to call in via your computer. You must have a working microphone for this option to work. In addition there's a screen share capability as well.

Question: Do I need to attend every workshop live or will there be recordings.

Although we will be recording each workshop, it will be in your best interest to attend these workshops live if at all possible. During each workshop there will be interactive activities and opportunities to receive coaching.

Question: How will we get our assignments and materials for each workshop?

We use an online platform for all of our coaching programs. This platform will allow you to log in at any time to view an outline of your homework assignment, listen to a recording of the previous workshop, download the slides and download your handouts.


"I'm Interested...What's My Next Step?"

If you are intrigued with the Job Search Bootcamp and believe it can ramp up your job search success, let's talk! 

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We will be selecting ten participants for the Job Search Bootcamp.