Gain Traction, Build Momentum, and Get Results!

Frustrated with Your Resume?

Maybe you are just starting your job search and you aren’t sure how to get started with your resume.

Or you’ve been at your search for a while but your resume isn't generating many tangible results.

You are….

  • Frustrated that you aren't getting any response when you send your resume in for jobs online
  • Worried that your resume isn't right
  • Concerned  that it's taking so long to find a new position
  • Going in circles trying to figure out what changes you need to make to get the results you want

You aren’t sure what you need to do to get traction, but you know something needs to change.


Where Do You Stand?  Here Are 2 Questions to Ask Yourself . . . 

Question #1:  When you think of handing your resume to a potential hiring manager or reciter, how do you feel?

a.  Do you feel confident that your resume tells a strong story about your ability to do the job?

b.  Or ... do you wish there were a way to hide your resume or get around giving it out?

Question #2:  Do you have a clear sense of the position you are targeting for your job search?

a.  If you are clear about your target position, that's great!

b.  If you are struggling to write your targeted, interview-winning resume, then it's likely you don't know your end goal ... yet!

Listen to this short 6-minute audio to learn more . .


Something’s Got to Give

When it comes right down to it, you are really hoping you can find a way to speed up your job search. You want to see progress—get more job leads, be invited back on more interviews, make the short list more frequently, and, yes, get the call with a viable job offer!

You want to feel confident about who you are and what you have to offer potential employers. You know you need a strong resume that catches the attention of your networking contacts and the companies that are hiring people with your skills.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to respond 
when you hear about a position that’s perfect for you?!

In all the years I’ve supported people in their job search, I’ve seen these two primary ways people can increase the effectiveness of their resume and job search dramatically.

  • Your Focus –

Lack of focus is the single biggest reason that resumes don't produce results.

Solution: Identify the position you are targeting for your current job search. Not the “someday” goal, but a practical position that will leverage the skills, experience, and education you already have---right now. Focusing on what you already have will help you activate your job search as quickly as possible.

  • Your Value –

If you can’t articulate your strengths, accomplishments and your uniqueness in your resume and in conversations with your network connection and potential employers, you won’t create traction in your job search.

Solution: Take the time to build a competitive resume. With this foundation document in place, you’ll be able to update your LinkedIn profile, other online profiles, and your bio. In addition you'll be able to create customized resumes for positions you consider in the future. You’ll also be able to use these same nuggets to articulate your strengths when you hear about opportunities you are interested in.


Get Your Job Search Started on the Right Foot

To get you started on the right foot, we’ve created a three-part program to help you prepare for your active job search so that you’ll build momentum and gain traction far more quickly and easily. Think of these as building blocks that strengthen your resume and your entire job search.

1)  Identify Your Target Position
2) Build a Competitive Resume
3) Punch up the Power of Your Resume


Step 1: Identify Your Target Position

To Have an Effective Job Search, You Must Know What Position You Want

 Target Test #1: You know the job title/function you are targeting!
Target Test #2: You know how to articulate your strengths and value!

The Step 1: Identify Your Target Position Program walks you through the process of developing a competitive resume that passes these two tests.

  • Gain new insights about yourself, your skills, and your interests.
  • Define the characteristics of your ideal position to help you guide your research, identify target companies, and prepare for your interviews.
  • Identify the kind of position that is your current sweet spot – the position that leverages your existing skills, experience, and education.
  • Discover ways to link your skills with your local economy
  • Uncover powerful ways to talk about your strengths and accomplishments so that you capture the attention of your networking contacts and hiring managers.

In this step , you'll have access to:

  • A series of seven quick and easy activities with worksheets and tips.


Step 2: Build a Competitive Resume

To Get Called in for an Interview
Your Resume Must Pass Two Tests

Resume Test #1: Make a great first impression!
Resume Test #2: Prove you can do the job!

The Step 2: Build a Competitive Resume Program walks you through the process of developing a competitive resume that passes these two tests.

  • Understand the purpose of any resume
  • Discover the most effective way to structure your resume
  • Know what to include in your resume so you can get the first draft of your NEW resume done!
  • Strengthen your accomplishment statements to demonstrate what you have done and can do for your future employers. This is much more than listing responsibilities you had in your previous positions.
  • Evaluate your resume using the Competitive Resume Checklist.
  • Discover the best way to request feedback from friends and colleagues to strengthen your resume.
  • Last but not least, this will teach you how to redesign your resume-- successfully, competitively and easily--for each opportunity you want to pursue. We make this easy and we call it the Plug and Play Resume System. This work will also be the key to preparing for your upcoming interview so it is getting two birds with one stone!!!!


 In this program, you'll have access to:

  • video tour of an effective resume so you have a template you can use to plug in aspects of your own resume.
  • 10-page ebook that includes a check list to evaluate the competitiveness of your new resume.
  • template for building powerful accomplishment statements that show you how to articulate your value in your resume, cover letters, profiles, and interviews.
  • After you draft your resume, you'll have an opportunity to request an expert resume review for only $47. (We do not include this service in the price of this program because only some job seekers are interested in this service. This service is not sold separately.)


Step 3: Punch Up the Power of Your Resume

Gold Separator Line.png

To gain the attention of hiring managers,
you must customize your resume to match your target position.

Goal #1: Grab the hiring managers' attention
Goal #2: Demonstrate your ability to fulfill the job responsibilities

This section of the program helps you take the first draft of your resume and move it up a notch.  

  • Discover how to evaluate the story your resume is telling.
  • Uncover the gaps in your experience and how to fill them.
  • Find out the best ways to customize your resume for each position you target.

In this part of the program, you'll have access to five tips you can use to polish your resume for each position you apply for.  


Bonus 1: Networking Nuts and Bolts eBook

The biggest leaps forward in a job search depend on who you know. If you don’t have a network of connections, it’s going to take you longer to gain traction with your job search.

The solution is to build thriving, mutually beneficial relationships with contacts in your community, profession, and industry. Throughout your job search, you’ll turn to people you know for support in finding resources, other contacts, opportunities for networking and training, and leads to positions. By (re)-engaging your network of connections now, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when you are ready to launch your official job search.

This bonus ebook, Networking Nuts and Bolts spells out actions you can take to:

  • Craft a clear, concise and compelling, introduction you can use to capture attention in a variety of networking situations and conversations.
  • Expand your network of connections with easy-to-follow guides, increasing the effectiveness of your job search in a number of ways.
  • Build mutually beneficial connections for that will support this job search, settling into your new position, and future career moves as well.


Get Support to Amp up Your Resume Results!

The 3 Steps to Your Interview-Winning Resume Program has several options for getting the support you need to strengthen your resume.

  1. Within the program we've embedded a couple of opportunities to request some personalized support if you find you want it. We purposefully included these as extra add ons to keep the price of this program as accessible as possible. In Step 1 you can request a 30 minute coaching session to discuss your target position and in Step 2 you can request that an expert review your resume. These additional resources are entirely optional and you can choose to add these to your program if you desire.
  2. OPTIONAL COACHING SUPPORT. This is our most popular option. If you know you would benefit from personalized coaching support, consider this option. By choosing this option, you'll receive two full coaching sessions during the program. In these sessions we'll be able to focus entirely on your personal situation, helping you brainstorm specific solutions and providing very individualized feedback and support.


Note from Rebecca

Are you ready to create a resume that is so clear, concise, and compelling that you get called back to interview for the positions you are targeting?

With this program you'll learn how to do just that. In addition, you'll experience a new-found sense of confidence, a sense of clarity that influences your entire job search, and the targeted referrals, opportunities, and job leads you learn about from your contacts. You’ll be amazed at how motivating it feels to have your network feeding your targeted leads that match your vision of where you want to go. With that shift, the rest of the job search process is far easier to navigate.

Scroll down to the end of this page to choose the kind of support you want to receive as you work through the 3 Steps to Your Interview-Winning Resume Program. Then click on the Add to Cart button to register for the program of your choice.

I look forward to supporting you in gaining momentum and traction with your job search.

To a Bright Future,

Rebecca Kieler


Support Option Summary

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Option A:   3 Steps to Your Interview-Winning Resume 
Ebook:                                                                         $97


Option B:   Includes everything in Option 1 PLUS 
Two Personal Coaching Sessions:                             $379

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