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Let's Review the Gaps that Are Sabotaging Your Job Search

  • Gap #1: You Lack a Clear, Realistic Focus
  • Gap #2: You Lack Knowledge about Your Industry and Profession
  • Gap #3: You Lack a Compelling Career Story
  • Gap #4: You Lack a Proactive Strategy to Generate Targeted Leads
  • Gap #5: You Start Your Search Before You’re Ready


Embarking on a Proactive Job Search Has Numerous Benefits

mid-term benefits

We've Been on a Quest!


Let's Dig Into the Details



After Completing the Workshops...

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Innovative Pricing to Make This Opportunity Accessible and Supportive


What's Your Impression of the Job Search Bootcamp?


Here's the Schedule.

You likely have questions about the logistics of the program. The first Job Search Bootcamp will have ten participants.


The 2-hour workshop sessions will likely begin at

3 pm/4 pm/5 pm Pacific /
6 pm/7pm/8pm Eastern.

We will poll the group to find the best time possible.

We will be recording the workshops, but it will be in your best interest
to attend these workshops live if at all possible. There will be
interactive activities and opportunities to receive coaching in the calls.

Registration for the Job Search Bootcamp end on May 5rd.


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------> $200 x 4 months


-----> $100 Discount $700 in one Payment


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If someone you refer joins a Job Search Bootcamp, now or in the future, you'll receive a referral commission of $100 or $200 depending on the payment option they choose. For more information...