LinkedIn Career Action Day Program 

You may be looking for:

  •  A career that gives your life more meaning and allows you to make a contribution to issues you care about. 
  •  A career that engages you and uses your strengths and expertise
  •  A position that provides you with financial stability.
  •  Ways to build your business so you can continue to offer your work to those you serve.

Whatever your current career goal, reaching for something more requires that you step beyond your familiar patterns, habits, and tools. For some it's exciting to step into new territory. There's the thrill of learning new things, trying out new behaviors, and meeting new challenges. 

For others, stepping into the unknown is a bit unnerving. We feel the discomfort of not knowing...

  • What to do
  • When to do it
  • How to do it

When we don't know what to do, we have a tendency to procrastinate. We can sink into fear that has us hunker down so that all forward action grinds to a halt. When we start searching for answers we tend to take in information from too many sources which propels us into a level of overwhelm that leaves us feeling scattered and spinning our wheels

Although you may not experience all of these feelings all of the time, if you are stepping into new territory, or want to, it's likely you are feeling some these feelings.

To move forward into the next phase of your career, you must face this challenge and find a way through to the other side. 

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With the Right Guidance Your Experience Changes

When you pursue the next step of your career with the support of a guide,

  • You'll feel focused about your career direction
  • You'll be clear about what you want
  • You'll see the steps you need to take unfold in front of you
  • You'll gain traction and build momentum to make the changes you want to make
  • You'll discover the best way to articulate who you are and what you do, leveraging your conversation with your contacts more effectively
  • You'll approach your career with a sense of creativity, seeing opportunities that weren't on your radar before


Are You Making the Most of This Key Tool?

One of the most essential tools for boosting your career is LinkedIn. Not only does it help you create a strong, vibrant network of connections, LinkedIn helps you communicate who you are, what you've done, and what you can offer. 

Creating a customized LinkedIn Profile that aligns with your current career goals helps you:

  • Stand out from your competition
  • Provide proof you can do the work you are striving to step into
  • Increase your credibility in your field
  • Inspire people to want to know more about you and your work
  • Help position you for the role you want

Think of your LinkedIn Profile as your starting point.

Your profile either disqualifies you and closes the door for future conversations


Your profile confirms you are a possible fit and opens the door for consideration.


Remember: You don't have a lot of time to

make a strong impression…

in fact it's likely to be just a few seconds at most.

Employers and recruiters aren't just looking at one profile, they are reviewing hundreds of them. 
If they don't get a good feeling about you in their first few seconds, they will move on…quickly!

Now is the time to take a close look at your LinkedIn Profile
 to see how you can enhance it in ways that strengthen the first impression you make, increase your impact and build your credibility.

With an enhanced LinkedIn Profile, you'll be well positioned to take the next step in your career, whether you want to expand your credibility in the position you have now, find a new position, or begin the transition to a new field. 

We invite you to join us for our...


Career Action Day 2014 |image1|

Boost Your Career with a 
Polished LinkedIn Profile

We have no doubt you could make progress on your LinkedIn Profile on your own, but the question is...will you? Will you actually do what it takes to enhance and polish your profile?

Or will it slip to the bottom of your to-do list?

We know life is busy these days! That's why we created a Career Action Day to give you a reason to set aside the time to learn additional skills and details about LinkedIn, within a community of like-minded professionals, with a built in framework for accountability.

Here's How the Career Action Day Works

At the top of each hour we'll offer a short webinar with followed by a “do-it-yourself” work sessions with easy-to-follow worksheets and instructions to guide you through a process of assessing the best ways to enhance your LinkedIn Profile to achieve your current career goal.

  • Hour 1:  Boost Your First Impression with LinkedIn Essentials
  • Hour 2:  Boost Your Impact by Enhancing Your Experience
  • Hour 3:  Boost Your Credibility with Evidence
  • Hour 4:  Boost Your Results with a Plan (30 minutes)

The first three hours will follow this schedule: 

  • A 15-20 minute training webinar
  • Do-It-Yourself segment to take action on your own profile
  • time to reflecton your progress.

Depending on the current state of your LinkedIn Profile you will be able to make some tweaks in the moment and discover other areas that may take some thought to determine your best course of action. Using the ideas from the Career Action Day webinar along with the instructions and worksheets you'll have the know-how to make further enhancements to your LinkedIn Profile after the event.

Enhancing your LinkedIn Profile during the Career Action Day will be a benefit to you whether you want to:

  • Uplevel Your Current Position
  • Search for a New Position
  • Transition to a New Field
  • Build Your Business

You'll be amazed at…


  • The insights you have about ways you can give your profile a more polished look 
  • Finding more effective ways to communicate your career goals
  • Discovering ways to give your LinkedIn Viewers a GREAT first impression of YOU!


Once again, Carol and Rebecca hit one out of the park! 
The LinkedIn Career Action Day program was fantastic -- 
very informative with excellent hands-on training and worksheets.

-- DP, New Mexico


The LinkedIn Career Action Day was very well thought out and clearly presented.
The workshop opened up my thinking and brought me more clarity
and deeper insights into my unique abilities.
Overall, I learned a lot and it was extremely beneficial!! Thanks, again!!

-- CH, California 


“The Career Action Day was just that - a day of action! 
Being given the time to get goals accomplished really made it worthwhile.”

-- Laurie Roberts – Sustainability Consultant


“Thank you so much for offering the Career Action Day on Networking. 
I think it was very well done by the Green Career Central team. Thanks!”

-- Gene - Environmental Program/Project Manager


“I've participated in many webinars and virtual gatherings in the past year. 
Carol's virtual event is one of the best ever. Her rich and relevant content, 
delivered via multi-media, is comfortably paced for all learning styles. 

Bottomline: Carol delivers excellent, practical information 
with brilliance, agility and lightness.”

 -- Elizabeth Crouch, Washington