The Search for Talent: Where Recruiters and Hiring Managers Go to Recruit - December 2013

Did you know… 

  • That 92% of employers/hiring managers are already using or plan to use social networks as part of their recruiting strategy? (Survey by Jobvite, a company that provides applicant tracking software) 
  • That 97% of recruiters  have relied on LinkedIn to find job candidates that match their needs? Of those, 67 percent rely solely on LinkedIn for their recruiting efforts. (Survey by Bullhorn survey) 

These Stats Make Sense! 

If you were searching for talent to fill an open position at your company, wouldn’t you go where the people are?

Based on the LinkedIn Global Stats 2013, last released January 2013, LinkedIn has grown steadily since 2008.

  • LinkedIn has 200 million users worldwide….growing at 10-15 million users each quarter…now at 259 million users as of 10/13
  • In January 2013 LinkedIn was getting 50 million unique user visits per week!

Furthermore, there’s more and more evidence that LinkedIn is not the only place you should have a polished online presence. Recruiters also look at Facebook (66% in 2012), Google+ (ranked 3rd in one of the articles)  and Twitter (54%). Recruiters seek out your profiles even if you aren’t sending them links to your social media profiles. 

It’s NOT Enough to Craft a Perfect Profile

Please note…this is not your cue to dash off to craft a “perfect” profile in hopes of being seen by a hiring manager or recruiter. I know it’s tempting to think that you can turn your job search over to a recruiter to have them do it for you, but that’s really not the full story.

Yes, it’s essential to have a well-crafted LinkedIn profile when you are search for a job or want to upgrade your career! AND it’s just as important, or perhaps even more so, to make sure your profile attracts meaningful connections with your colleagues, new contacts, and people in the companies you are targeting.

It’s your full network of connections that will ultimately help you land the opportunities you are searching for.

Hiring managers and recruiters don’t just rely on your version of who you say you are! They are also likely to:

  • Read the recommendations on your LinkedIn Profile
  • Reach out to people in their own network who know you to get their impression of you
  • See who you are connected to through your groups, your network, and your activities

Let’s face it. People’s attention spans are short these days! If your profile or your network fails to impress them, the recruiter, the hiring manager, and your networking contacts will be off to the next profile before you even know they were there! 

If you’ve been avoiding the professional side of social media, 
putting off doing the updates you know you need to make, and are 
ready to upgrade your professional online presence…

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