Are You READY? - January 2013

Happy New Year!  I hope you are ready for 2013!

READY?  Really, what does that look like?  Yes, I know what you mean, how do we get READY?

For those of you in job search or any kind of career transition, this newsletter is an easy check list to make sure you are ready to get off on the right foot this year.

Career Transitions, just like any other transitions often leave us feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.  I am here to help you overcome those feelings. Being focused and organized is a good start.

The checklist below will help you figure out which foot to put forward.  With this information you will likely feel more organized and less discouraged!  

7 Steps to a Successful Job Search Strategy!

Landing a job is like any other project. There are a series of actions you need to take to achieve your goal.  By understanding what actions you need to take to get yourself ready for your jobs search, you are building a clear job search strategy you can follow, step-by-step.  This is a proven way to help get over the overwhelm that is a common complaint of job seekers.

  1. Are you focused, clear, and specific about what you are going after? “If you don’t know what it is you are looking for it is really hard to find it.”  This is the #1 problem I see job seekers having. They are under the false impression that if they stay wide open they will do better and nothing could be further from the truth.  Hiring managers hire people who are focused.
  2. Is your resume clear, concise, compelling and competitive?  If your resume does not pass this test you need help. Hiring managers want to see accomplishments, not a laundry list of your job responsibilities. Bottom line: What have you done, what impact have you had, in previous positions that you can now do for a new employer?
  3. Can you clearly, concisely and compellingly tell someone what you are looking for?  This means in 30 seconds or less can you explain what you are looking for in a way that anyone can understand you? You’ll also get more attention if your statement is interesting and exciting enough that they want to help you!
  4. Do you have a stellar LinkedIn profile?  Now that you have a clear and concise resume and a compelling introduction, is your focus reflected in your LinkedIn profile? Think of your LinkedIn profile as a strong generic profile that leaves the reader wanting more. The only way they are going to learn more is to engage you in a conversation.
  5. Do you have a professional voice mail message and email address?  How you handle incoming phone calls is of utmost importance during your job search. What can you do to ensure that your contacts and hiring managers get a positive first impression of you when they reach out to you? Know how your phone works. Reply to voice messages promptly. Don’t pick up the phone if you are in a noisy area or distracted by other events. If someone is answering your phone, make sure you can rely on them to make a good impression and take an accurate message.
  6. Do you have personal business cards?  If you are out of work get an inexpensive business card to pass out everywhere you go. What is it about you that is uniquely what they need? Craft a short phrase that describes what you do. Include your phone number and email, but no home address.
  7. Does the world know what you have to contribute?  Get out there! Do not keep yourself a secret! Help people understand what you do, what problem you can solve and for whom. You will get hired because you can solve a problem they need solved. Someone who knows the value they bring and can talk about it with energy and confidence and is someone people will stop, listen to, and ask questions of to learn more! As you educate yourself and get be known as the one who can solve a particular problem and do so with commitment and enthusiasm the opportunities will start to come out of the woodwork!

I hope this checklist gives you a sense of where to focus your attention. Take one piece at a time and you’ll start moving forward.  If you find you are not making the progress you want to make, I’m here to help you get focused and take strategic actions to get the results you are seeking!