4 Keys to a Resume that Gets You an Interview - March 2013

This month we are looking for leprechauns, a pot of gold at the end of the April rainbows and 4 leaf clovers!

4 Keys to a Resume that Gets You an Interview 

What would happen if you had a resume that compels a hiring team to request an interview?

  • You could stop cursing your resume
  • You would be proud and confident of your resume
  • You would stop feeling reluctant about presenting your resume
  • You could talk more confidently about the position you want
  • Your clear message would make it easier for others to see where you would fit in organizations
  • It would be easier for others to refer you
  • It would be easier for you to speak to your resume in an interview

What Would You Give to Have that Resume?

Lucky you, here are the 4 Keys and how to get them into your resume!First of all your resume needs to be:

  1. Clear 
  2. Concise 
  3. Compelling 
  4. Competitive

If your resume does not pass these four tests it needs to be revised and strengthened.

Clear: Is it obvious as soon as someone picks up your resume what job you are shooting for? Can people identify the  position you want and are qualified for?

Your job title should be at the top of your resume in large letters. As you build out the rest of your resume include your experiences that reflect the company’s needs. You may also add experiences the job description doesn't ask for specifically, but that you feel could be relevant and of value to the company.

Concise: Use bullets and make them as concise as possible.

You will lose the reader if you  go on and on and add filler to your resume. Bullets do not need to be written in complete sentence form; just make sure each bullet is a complete thought that others will understand. Remember you do not want to tell the whole story; you want them to have questions. That is what the interview is for!

Compelling:  To get an interview, your resume must be compelling.  What is unique about your particular skill set and experience that will set you apart from your competition?

One of the easiest ways to create a compelling resume is  to have a Results or Accomplishment oriented resume. In my opinion this is the most powerful secret to a Compelling resume. Hiring managers don’t want to see a laundry list of job responsibilities and experiences; they want to see Accomplishments. What have you done, what impact have you had in previous positions? What you’ve accomplished in other jobs tells a new employer what problems you can solve for the company. If they clearly see that you have the experience to solve the problem they need fixed, you are much more likely to get an interview and likely to get hired!.

Competitive: If you have a Clear, Concise and Compelling resume, you will have a Competitive resume! There is your leprechauns, pot of gold and 4 leaf clover all rolled into one resume!

If you are struggling with these concepts, I have an easy and inexpensive way to learn more. Please go to this link to listen to a Free pre-recorded live teleclass on this resume writing model. You’ll learn more about how to create your very own Clear, Concise, Compelling, and Competitive resume.

May the luck of the resume be with you!