7 Keys to Making New Habits Work! (...continued) - October 2013

7 Keys to Making New Habits Work! (...continued)

5. Say it OUT LOUD and say it a LOT!

Our minds are always busy with conversation; and a lot of it is negative. Your mind does not know you can lie to it; it doesn’t understand that concept. It believes what you say/think because why would you lie to yourself?

So instead of saying “I can’t”, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m too old”, try some of these:

  • “I am strong enough to do this, and do it right.”
  • “Just take the next step, the rest will come.”
  • “I deserve this, I will not give up.”
  • “Who will win today?” (me or old habits and doubts)
  • “I’m not going to try, I will DO this!”

6. Reward yourself and do it often!

  • Don’t skip this one. Rewards keep you motivated! We all need motivation to keep up the discipline. Find key intervals in your search process and put ‘Rewards’ on your calendar and don’t skip them!
  • Maybe even reward yourself every day if that’s what it takes. If you scheduled a full week of job-search activities and you did them all today, what do you get? Put your feet up and read a good book for an hour, buy a bunch of flowers, or go pick them from your garden and enjoy your time there. Call a friend, take a hike, take time out for those you love. You deserve it, so make time for something that really makes you happy, gives you a break and keeps you motivated!

7. Practice Gratitude…

Again some of you are thinking you can skip this one, but please don’t. It really makes a difference. Focus on the good that is resulting from your new actions and habits.

  • Keep a list and add to it daily. “I’m sleeping better, I’m more confident, I feel directed, I know what my next step is, I know I am not fooling myself and I am doing what I need to.”
  • Make a note of every way you are becoming more confident and progressing, and keep going -- you will get there!