Why Do They Need to Hire YOU? - August 2013

Why Do They Need to Hire YOU?

Does the world know what you have to contribute?

Do they know what problems you can solve for them?

You don’t get hired because you need a job. You get hired because you can solve a problem that someone else needs help with.

Most of us keep ourselves a secret. We expect the world to know what we can do without us having to tell them.  After all haven’t we been doing a great job all along?

But who really knows what you can do? 

  • Do the hiring managers in your target companies know?
  • Do their teams know so they can tell their manager about you?
  • Do your contacts who are in a position to refer you know?

Maybe they know you are a great person, but that’s not enough! They need to know what your area of expertise is, what you are best known for, and what you do that can make a difference in the companies you want to work for. (You might want to check the May Newsletter for help on this.)

Broadcast Your Expertise!

We get hired when people understand what we have done well in the past!

  • What is the problem or set of problems you have a reputation for being able to solve?
  • Does this stand out in your resume?
  • Is it just as clear in your Verbal Business Card or “elevator speech”?
  • Do you let people know what you are recognized for so they can see where you fit into their organization?

Where else can you show this expertise so the world knows you for it?

  • Linked In is a great site where you can share relevant links or write short articles. Become known for what you know.
  • How about volunteering to be a speaker at a local industry meeting? Volunteer your services to not-for-profits or industry associations -- the world is waiting! The other gold in this strategy is that you can do something you can put on your resume.

You may be feeling a bit uncomfortable with this. It might feel like you are bragging. I can say as a former hiring manager and recruiter:

If you don’t tell me why I should hire you
and how you can solve my problems,
I will hire the person who does tell me. 

If you want a new job, you need to tell me
what I need to know to hire you! 

This Is How It Works! 

The ideas I shared in the above article represent the kind of search strategies I share with my clients every day. With insights like these, my clients tell me they are much more successful in their search.