An Investment in Your Future - July 2013

An Investment in Your Future

You know you really could use help with your job search.

From where you sit right now, you don’t feel you have the funds to get the help you need to reach your goal.

Believe me. I do understand the situation you are in. As a small business owner, it’s up to me to fend for myself too.

Although it is my policy to always have at least one pro bono client, I can’t work for free... Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to, but right now, I have my own bills to pay. As much as I’d like to offer to work with you for free that is not a viable option.

Flipping the Question – Can Your Really Afford NOT to Hire Me?

I also know that you can’t afford not to hire me, or someone like me, if you are stuck and not getting hired or landing interviews.

If you are not getting the results you need to transition to a new job or career this is precisely the time when you need help. Not next month when you have a job (if you have a job), but right now!

So What Is the Answer?

The answer is to look for creative ways to obtain the support you want and need.

I hope this does not sound self-serving. Yes, I would like your business, but I do this work because I’m motivated to help capable people, like you who are feeling very stuck, depressed, frustrated and scared. It frustrates me that they can’t see options beyond “I can’t afford help.” So consider this is my way to get the economy back on track by getting you back on track with your search!

Here are some great solutions that have worked for other clients I’ve worked with!

  • What is it costing you not to hire me? Not to work? Take what you usually earn and multiply the number of days, weeks, months that you’ve been out of work…or think you may be out of work. Ouch…need I say more?
  • Many of my clients realize that even if they get a job one day sooner by using my services, the cost will be paid off often in their very first day of work.
  • Clients have gone to family members and/or friends to ask for early birthday or holiday presents to be dedicated to the career services they need now.
  • Often these same family members, when given the chance to help, offer to a loan the person the necessary funds until he/she is back at work.
  • We are willing to be creative and flexible, if you are willing to step up and say, “I need to make this work, how can we do that?”

Career Services Are an Investment

Rather than thinking about your career support as an expense, like going out to dinner or going on vacation, think of the money you put toward your career as an investment that will give you a return on investment. There is nothing frivolous about spending this money on your future.

Getting the help you need now, allows you to feel more confident, be more competitive, and get back to work sooner.

All of these outcomes put money in your pocket sooner than if you continue to struggle along by yourself. As they say, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”